“Learning Reiki as a method is learning the ability to resource & share with others the beautiful energy that transforms stress into peace and hate into love. Mastering Reiki is like becoming a waterfall to live in abundance” Yoso

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a method that allows each one of us to develop their self-awareness so that they can live a healthy and harmonious life, welcoming the energy that flows around us. Once we master ourselves and witness the changes that occur in our lives, we have the mean to live a free and happy life and gain the understanding that will allow us to also help others when they need it the most; bringing peace & harmony to our lives and the people around us. Being true to ourselves while being true to others is what I would define as realising our true potential, the very nature of Reiki.

Yoso offers to initiate individuals to the Reiki practice based on the Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Technique. While some are seeking Reiki as a mean to progress towards their spiritual quest. I like to insist on the fact that as a massage relaxes body and mind, Reiki is as simple and natural as drinking water at the source. Simple hand techniques based on breathing, focus and relaxation. Tuning in the beautiful Reiki energy is a tool that will help everyone who believes in soft yet powerful approach too well being. [ More about Reiki ]

According to your level of knowledge our current practice, Yoso has created various programs so that individuals can be initiated to Reiki techniques or become Reiki master if they wish to:

Initiation to Reiki:

Reiki Initiation, or in simple words ‘receiving or sharing’ Reiki is often one of the easiest way of understanding the power of Reiki. Beyond concepts and questions, by feeling the soft and natural energy and how peaceful, happy and centered we feel after a Reiki session, we gain insights into the very essence of Reiki. Similar to experiencing meditation through simple practice and breathing as opposed to reading. The Reiki initiation can be casual yet life changing. How many times have I heard people telling at the end of the session that they hadn’t felt so relaxed in a long time. So simple, natural yet magical.  [ More about the Reiki Initiation ]

Reiki Sessions:

Reiki sessions are for people who wish to benefit from Reiki without the need of learning reiki. Similar to treatment or a massage. From an hour reiki session to a day combining Onsen (Hot Natural Spring) and delicious food. Reiki sessions will harmonise & revitalise your energy flow & offer a deep sense of relaxation. Reiki sessions can be customised to your needs and schedule [ More about Reiki Sessions]

Reiki Sharing:

Reiki sharing sessions are guided classes so that we learn by receiving/giving, being one in the moment. It is also an opportunity to practice our discover our own Reiki abilities by sharing with others. This can also be used for couples or family members who wishes to be able to later share Reiki with each other in their own time. [ More about Reiki Sharing]

Reiki Attunement:

Reiki attunements are for people who wishes to experience a deeper aspect of Reiki or who wishes to be able to practice Reiki themselves, while Reiki attunements are not substitutes to the practice and classes, it helps people attuning to the soft energy frequencies and are for people who wishes to live a healthy life or are considering becoming Reiki practitioners or Reiki masters. During the first attunement, the healing energy channel is cleared and basic Reiki philosophy and techniques are learned. Your body is healed on the physical level. There is a detoxification and you will learn to further heal yourself and others. [ More on Reiki attunements ]

Reiki Master training:

Reiki Master training is for people who wish to become Reiki master themselves. Becoming a Reiki masters is a life of joy as you will be able to guide others towards their lives transformations. You will learn all the Reiki symbols, how to attune others and how to teach and set up workshops. Not everyone who masters Reiki wishes to teach Reiki, however, everyone who masters their Reiki practice has the capacity to live a spontaneous and happy life [ More on Reiki Classes ]

Reiki Retreat:

Reiki retreats are offered in South Japan for individuals or small groups that wishes to relax, share, study and refresh their mind in the Japanese country side. Yoso is also available to organise retreats at other suitable locations. Retreats are an excellent way of resourcing oneself, especially for people who live a busy city lifestyle or who are going to a period of stress, or wishes to take the time to reflect on the change they desire in their lives. A great way to refresh and relax while discovering some aspects of Japanese culture, in the simplicity, near the ocean & surrounded by nature. [ More on Reiki Retreat ]