About Yoso

Yoso started his spiritual quest at an early age as influenced by his mother who is a natural therapist.

Initiated to meditation, yoga and alternative medicine in the early years of his life.

Learned the importance of past experiences, identity (the self), emotions, ideas and blockages & how to transform his thoughts through affirmations.

Treated for a big depression that turned into an awakening at 16 using Reiki and acupuncture. The early impact of Reiki at 16 transformed Yoso’s life which lead him to fine arts that he has been studying for 20 years.

Studied a variety of martial arts and hard mental physical techniques before discovering the power of chi gong & meditation.

Learned to develop his own personal style based on traditions & Intention.

The quest of being one with compassion and love lead Yoso to south japan where he now practice Tattooing, Reiki and the art of living in peace and harmony as a way of life. Reiki despite being soft and kind, being the most powerful technique he has had the chance to experience so far.

After trying the ‘hectic’ cosmopolitan ‘modern’ life, Yoso Moved away from the big cities to enjoy his life in the beautiful japanese country side where people are welcome for retreats, welcoming people for inspiration and to experience a simple yet beautiful way of life. Be the light and the changes you wish to see  in this world! The choices you make creates your reality, Follow your heart, trust your intuition! Live in Gratitude!

Reiki Lineage

Joy to All!