Learning Reiki

Learning Reiki

“The Reiki Path is a beautiful and enlightening journey that leads us to freedom” Yoso

Yoso Believes in an intuitive approach to Reiki based on Usui Sensei‘s Principles that I would summarise as pure intentions aimed towards harmony and self realisation.

Whether you wish to study Reiki for relaxation or as part of your spiritual practice, each step on the Reiki journey is a step to enjoy as it reveals the beauty of life’s energy. There is no set structure as such for each classes,  Techniques are taught according to your objectives, affinities and the most appropriate methods so that you can develop your intuition and cultivate your own practice.

Learning in groups with a variety of persons and situations is important as it facilitates the understanding of the people around you, discovering Reiki ad how it applies to different personalities. People choose to study Reiki for various reasons, the level of focus and relaxation are often proper to an individual. Witnessing a group working as one what ever they walk of lives is already a beautiful manifestation of Reiki in itself.

Private tuition is also offered so that the focus can be on the individual needs, this becomes increasingly important when the students decide to commit to becoming a Reiki Master. What ever is the context for those who wish to pursue their studies, a long term relationship between teacher and student is one of the best ways  to  learn Reiki and witness how it transforms life. Sharing time, respect  and trust are three key elements in learning Reiki. Yet I also believe that only one class can be beneficial as in itself it might already manifest the transformation you have already started in your life by seeking knowledge and experiences. A beautiful and peaceful journey to enjoy and remember.

I have been lucky myself to feel Reiki intuitively, probably due to my life experiences, years of art and two practices that Definitely prepared me to my Reiki studies ; meditation & chi gong which very quickly meant I had 100% trust in such simple techniques that transformed your day almost instantly, or should I say change your life. Reiki is very similar or an extension of those techniques, ‘invisible’ to the eye yet felt from the inner essence of your being, it is soft yet as powerful. I am often tempted to describe Reiki as conscious breathing merged to simple hand techniques, while this sounds so simple, it is true, but also something that is hard to practice constantly as our minds make us wonder in the world of thought and imagination.

I do thank my teacher for his trust and to have given me the chance to learn this way too. For some it might not feel it suitable as too abstract to start, it is definitely not the same for everyone and for some it takes longer especially if their rational mind is taking over their intuition. For some it might be a matter of hours, days while for others a matter of months until they realise that it has always been in them and around.

My own approach is that intuition and intentions are the most important aspects of developing successful Reiki channeling. So I always try my best to balance thoughts and practice hoping it will be the most suitable for the student. As my teacher says “Let’s Reiki, Let’s not do Reiki”, which I would explains simply as relax, focus and feel it flow. We have nothing else to do than witnessing its beauty.

While Attunements are necessary to awaken you body and consciousness to the gentle and subtile frequencies. A lot of benefits already happen with initiations to simple techniques before you realise your healing powers.

It is also true that I like to learn from others who approach this with scientific facts and systems, so I do encourage those who feel the same to do their own research and come back with their questions if they wish to. Reiki as a method and a form of energy once felt can be described by words but due to its esoteric nature, as a student, you will build up your own language and interpretation based on your own practice and understanding.

I also like to remind students that while we can conceptualise, build systems, languages and justifications as we often do with everything in life. Reiki is much simpler in the way that it is a pure form of love that can be compared to the love a mother feels for her child, a gentle wind in the spring, or the soft warm feeling the sun gives you early mornings. It is as simple as breathing consciously, it is inherent to nature. Something we might have forgotten as we shifted towards an individualistic visual culture that puts so much emphasis on technology. This is also often more simple when we close our eyes and simply breath and feel. The role of the teacher or guide is sometimes not much more than helping by creating a peaceful space, reminding us through simple practice of what we really and have always been beyond the persona we have created for ourselves over the years.

In most cases, classes do start with a meditation technique to bring the focus and increase/harmonise your energy level and awareness, or simply to clear your mind from the previous activity or from the day, or even dreams. I many ways meditation is one of the most important aspect of the practice until you have the ability to channel Reiki in every situations. So while I am not there to make you sit for hours before teaching you Reiki techniques. I encourage students to meditate at least 15 min everyday as this will help their daily life in many ways and also create a sense of awareness that they can easily relate to their Reiki studies.

The outline of the classes objectives are according to the students  level but also to the student style as some students will want to practice on an intuitive level while others will prefer more logical or scientific steps. While I will do my best to guide you. My approach is very simple and intuitive and this is somehow what I encourage as once the basics are taught so that you have developed your own intuitions. The rests only requires focus and daily practice where possible and there is already a lot of books and texts accessible today online. As much as wisdom is more important than the accumulation of knowledge, practice is in my view more important than theory. The practice being the essence of Reiki.

While the teachings is structured by levels and attunements. There is no real beginning and end, I feel as it seems this was also the case for the traditional Usui technique. That it is important to develop and trust your intuitive mind and use of Reiki before moving to other levels. The most important in my approach of teaching that reflects on my Reiki philosophy is to allow you to grasp and enjoy the Reiki essence as playfully and beautifully as possible.