Reiki Attunements

Reiki Attunements


The Reiki attunement is a process by which a Reiki master turns on or tunes in a student to the Reiki energy vibration. In a short time (10-15mins) anyone receiving the attunement can use Reiki to help heal themselves or others.

The technique is a simple set of hand movements, drawing some symbols in the air and an easily mastered breathing technique while trying to maintain a meditative and graceful state of mind.

What I know happens is the initiate who simply sits and moves their hands into three simple gesture is suddenly able to heal at a much greater level then before the attunement. Experiences vary from little or nothing to visions, lights, celestial music, and all kinds of extra sensory perceptions.

Generally people feel the warmth or tingling in their hands straight away or at least gradually over a three week period. Some are never actually aware of any sensation but in my experience 100% of people do become effective healers.

Again I am not particularly interested in repeating the words of others –   It has been observed through experience, past and present that the attunements change  life for the better on all levels, especially meditation, overall health and professional commitments.
The attunements have 4 degrees, It is possible to do the the first and one only. If a persons wishes to, they can gradually advance to the following attunement whenever they feel ready. It is however recommended to wait at least a minimum of a month between each attunement. The time necessary to evolve the practice and allow for the changes in mind and body.

First Degree

The healing energy channel is cleared and basic Reiki philosophy and technique are learned. Your body is healed on the physical level. There is a detoxification happening over a 3-4 weeks period and you will learn to further heal yourself and others.

Second Degree

You will gain knowledge and the ability to use three basic Reiki symbols that will enable you to increase your healing power to concentrate Reiki energy for mental healing and perform healing through time and space. Your own mental problems will diminish and extra sensory perfections will be enhanced.

Third Degree

Knowledge of the Master symbol and first degree attunement procedure is gained. [Reiki healing energy is opened to higher level.] You will be healed on a spiritual level and come to deeper connection with your inner truth.

Master Degree

You will learn to attune others to all Reiki levels and to run workshop. You will experience a deeper sense of your connection to the universe.

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