Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes

Level 01 – Initiation to Reiki and the intuitive mind, Reiki Sharing

The aim of Level 01 classes are to develop and trust your intuitive nature as a Reiki technique and probably the most important Reiki technique that Yoso wishes to teach. While knowledge is good, intuition will be your best guide, usefull in life but also to feel and trust your hand movements as the Reiki energy guides you for channelling.

The basis to develop this intuition is to understand consciousness, self awareness, what it means to be centered, grounded and energised. It will allow the Reiki practitioner to feel the ‘invisible’ energy fields.

The root of all Yoso’s techniques is meditation as it is the foundation for every other steps and techniques one can learn. This will give you the opportunity to centre yourself, offering the relaxation and focus that are necessary to tune in the more subtile energy frequencies.

For those who find meditation or stillness too difficult. Meditation techniques can be mixed with physical exercises that helps bringing the focus on body and mind.  Focus and relaxation are key and some of the most basic steps for learning reiki. In this context, the role of the teacher is to create the time and space to allow for that experience to happen. Guiding through  meditation is one of the main role of the teacher. If you are already familiar with meditation, this is likely to be easier for you and we can progress faster towards the intuitive nature of Reiki.

In the same way that is hard to hear a singing bird in the middle of a city centre. It is hard to start to feel reiki if eveything is too busy in our mind or around you, hence a peaceful environment is most suitable.

The main aspects that are covered are, relaxation, focus, awareness of oneself and of others. Basic understanding of energy channels, the ‘abc’ of chakra systems and how to apply this knowledge to simple Reiki techniques. The aim is to merge intuition and awareness into a peaceful balance between receptive and active meditation. Probably as important as a pure source of water that leads you to the ocean, or as flowers that grow to reveal their beauty, meditation and inner peace are the water and the sun that so many life forms need.

Intermediate classes, inner peace, being your own healer (following the first degree attunement)

When starting the Intermediate Level we assume you have become one with yourself and your intuition, or at least that we have planted the seed to reach this objective. Hence it will be the right time to study the tools to practice Reiki not only on yourself but also on your friends and family. To start with we will meditate on our own chakras and awareness of our own energies. Daily exercises that are encouraged for students is to meditate with a focus on energy flows from the root to the crown chakra. For those of you who wishes, Ba duan jin Chi gong can also be taught as I find it one of the most powerful 8 steps technique to feel in peace but also it strengthen your body and purify your blood.

By the time you start the intermediate level, you are very likely to already feel the subtile awareness that Reiki brings to your daily life and  how you already have the mean to control your energy level, in some cases you will already notice how your environments and relationship with others have changed, if this true, you will have noticed how your relationship with yourself has evolved too. In other words for those who are familiar with the concept of ying and yang energy, This will be the start to harmonise the two polar poles, transforming duality into unity. In some cases students can already feel the channelling energy through their hands. In any case you should obtain good foundations so that you are ready to let enter reiki in your life in a wider sense. The intermediate level should allow you to increase your own intuition and to be more receptive towards other’s feelings and experiences, not as junk bins, but a sincere commitment towards compassion and inner peace. You will be able to balance and respect your own energy, feeling your chakras and other ways of re energising yourself when ever you feel troubles, whether you feel you have less energy or simply because you enjoy that inner peace that transforms your day by guiding your thoughts and actions.

The intermediate Reiki level is so beautiful in itself as it literally makes you realise that you are already complete, developing a sense of responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. It gives a chance to go beyond the past or future projections by celebrating the present. Isn’t it wonderful for others and yourself when you are always smiling and in a position to recomfort those who need it the most?  Without feeling drained, passive or victim of others feelings or expectations? It is a wonderful gift to come to the realisation of your inner power, having the means to feel complete at any time is the most important key that will allow you to heal others.

Advanced classes/Healing others (following the second degree attunement)

Advanced classes are for people who wish to commit to a deeper understanding of Reiki, whether for personal reasons, to become healers or for those who are considering becoming Reiki master themselves. Chakras, auras, case studies will be covered. Your level of Reiki during those classes should allow you to help those around you that most need it. Advanced classes makes you a healer and would you decide you could start your own Reiki practice.

Master classes (following the master attunement)

Master classes are aimed at people who wish to become Reiki master themselves.
This should give you the tools to teach reiki to others and to allow you to have reiki at the centre of your life. Those who wishes to become Reiki masters might realise the true potential of life and the the creative energy that is the life force. You will become a true master of your own life & you will be encouraged to welcome all the necessary changes in your life to accommodate your new goals and energy so that your true potential becomes your reality. Master classes gives you the master level, but to become a true master and evolve with your own practice, it is best to start teaching.

Examples of other points and exercises that might be part of a class

  • various meditations techniques
  • breathing and focus
  • aura and energy
  • chi kong basics
  • stretches and muscular exercises
  • reiki sharing
  • daily practice
  • eft
  • reiki and daily life
  • subtile energies and deeper sense of awareness
  • discipline and flexibility
  • being the light we wish to see in this world
  • Transforming our space and life
  • energising/clearing objects

Those who complete the Master studies with Yoso are more than likely to become masters themselves. In some cases people are happy to witness the changes that occurs in their lives and do not feel the need to teach or only at a later stage on their path. Life is a mirror and for those of you who realise the true meaning of being a Reiki master. You’ll have the opportunity to realise your most sincere dreams. Some people might simply decide of a change of career that allows them to be their true self, or simply to realise that they are already happy with their current situation. It is known that some find their life partners through change, or something beyond what we could have expected prior to have taken the responsibility to accept and realise our true self.

As ls the nature of life, Reiki will be understood by the person who studies according to their perceptions of life and they commitment towards self realisation. While the classes are there to guide you, your freedom remains in your own hands, in other words, even when people are there to support and guide you, no one knows you better than you do and certainly, no one can do it for you! Remember, it does not matter how far you are on the path. What is more important is to enjoy the simple steps making the most of what has been given to us with gratitude.

For some, the classes will simply give them a chance to relax and meet people who wish to share peace and harmony. That is already excellent in itself as someone who can relax and focus has the means to re-energize themselves. What ever the circumstances, one will be in a better position to maintain a good health, keep a clear mind well balanced between feelings, mind and heart. Therefore in a better position to help others and situations that might have created conflict otherwise. Understanding one’s true nature allows for the understanding of others. There is no point taking offence on a personal level, once we understand the nature of one’s mind and projections.

While some offer Reiki attunements and classes online, not meeting their students, this is not the approach Yoso has chosen as one of the most beautiful aspects of teaching and learning Reiki is to share a peaceful and beautiful moment together.

The relationship between student an masters are often one of a lifetime. There is a master in every student and a student in every master. As in most relationships or esoteric practice, Time, Trust and Love are needed so that we have a chance of understanding each others minds and hearts, it will help the practice and allow us to share and evolve together for the good of all sentient beings.

Yoso accepts  students who have completed previous levels with other teachers, however, please keep in mind that some time will be necessary to review previous learning and understanding on a personal level  so that Yoso can best guide you towards your personal goals.

If you organise a workshop or wish to have Yoso host an event, if you wish to do a Reiki retreat in Japan for a day or a week, or for those who have questions or answers, feel free to get in touch.