Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions are available to everyone who wish to have a first introduction to Reiki or wish to enjoy a simple ‘relaxation’.

The Reiki sessions can take anything from an hour to a day, or over a few days in case a longer term goal is desired. A Reiki session is an excellent start to gain the ability to rediscover yourself. Yes Peace always resides within us as the sun shines even behind the clouds.

Short Reiki Session

Short Reiki sessions are around 45 to 90 minutes. It’s main benefits are relaxation and peace of mind. People usually smile in a very gentle and humble way at the end of a session with a soft and happy heart. Some people feel sad or despaired before the session due to their routines or situations. We have also experienced people with heart tensions coming back to a normal state. I would describe the reiki session as something very relaxing and positive. This can be compared to a massage session in some ways. However the techniques is much softer and gentle with no hard physical contact. During the sessions I have witnessed people smile, cry, or fall asleep. What ever ways, in 99% of the cases a beautiful smile is the conclusion.

A Reiki day

A Reiki day consist of a Reiki session, breakfast and lunch with a sense of Japanese traditional style. inner Peace is the theme of the day. Onsen (hot natural spring) combined with Reiki and some introduction to the Reiki practice and meditation makes it a beautiful experience and once you realise the benefits of that day, for those who wishes to, this might be the start of commitment towards integrating Reiki more consciously into their daily lives. You will have the basics for relaxation in your own hands to use as you see it fit it your lifestyle and when you need it the most.

A Reiki week

A Reiki week is like a retreat or can be seen as a holiday. A program can be established according to what you want to achieve. This could be purely for refreshing your mind and relaxation, or can be combined with some Reiki teachings. For those of you who travel to Japan and discover other places. We can organise the sessions according to your itinerary.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing is also offered, However it is always a pleasure to meet new people face to face.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with your questions.

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