Distant Healing

Distant Healing

Yoso prefers to meet people in person, however for those of you who wishes to, distant healing sessions are available following an email or skype consultation.

What is Distant healing?

Distant healing is when a Reiki practitioner visualises the ‘recipient’ to allow for healing. Similar to a Reiki treatment in person, it has shown to manifest the same benefits as in regular Reiki sessions. [More about Reiki Sessions]

How to prepare for a session

Have a read through the website if you wish as it will help you gain a better understanding of Reiki and Yoso’s philosophy. Get in touch by email and outline your desire time for the session and whether it is a physical, emotional or mental need. Try to be as accurate as possible in your desire and description.

Find a time during the day where you will not be disturbed , switch your phone off and play some soothing music if you wish to. Clean and Prepare your favourite room, ideally uncluttered and filled with sunlight, burn some incense or lit a candle. Have a bath or shower, eat well, drink water and wear comfortable clothing, find a comfortable and warm position, i.e. lying down on the floor or in your bed with a comfortable cushion and under a warm cover. Lie down and breathe in a relaxed manner. Open your mind and relax, welcome the Reiki energy, do not worry about falling asleep, past or future. Simply breathe and be aware of your own being and any energy change or relaxation that might occur. Enjoy the warmth and the comfort, trust the flow, breathe and relax.

A set time will be agreed for the session. Lie down at least 5 minutes before the session start and relax. However do not worry about the end of the session. If you realise the time has past or you wake up later, simply enjoy the relaxing feeling and wake up whenever it feels right for you.

You can also set a score on your well being, whether physical, emotional or mental prior to the session, then give yourself a new score after the session. Take note of any changes or insights then get in touch when you are ready and share your experience.

What to expect after the session

As in a regular Reiki treatment, you should feel relaxed and resourced with a soothing feeling. Enjoy and feel the gratitude Reiki has to offer. Drink water and eat well, take care of yourself for the rest of the day, do not clutter your mind with media of entertainment, cultivate and enjoy the peaceful feeling throughout the day.

The few Distant healing sessions Yoso has practiced has proven to be successful, however it is understood that is not for everyone, it takes an open mind or a basic Reiki understanding to wish a Distant Reiki healing session. Wherever possible, it is always best to meet in person as it allows for a more dynamic exchange and conversation, however,  Distant healing is offered as an alternative for those who do not have the opportunity to meet in person with a Reiki master.

How to pay

The payment is organised via paypal prior to the session. In case the healing session does not work for you. We guarantee a refund.